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Attempting your own estate planning can be a complex and costly process. From state taxes, and probate courts, to burial and cremation costs, attempting to plan for your own estate can have a detrimental effect on your family. At Corn & Corn, LLP, our Austin estate planning services help you to prepare for the reconciliation of your wealth, should the worst come to pass.

Why Estate Planning is Important

While you may feel it is too early to consider estate planning, or that the concept is uncomfortable, Corn & Corn, LLP encourages you to utilize the planning services our Austin firm provides before the occurrence of a triggering event. Our professionals at Corn & Corn, LLP help you to plan for eventualities, including:

Your heir being too young to inherit your estate

Your beneficiary becomes involved in divorce proceedings

Considerations for beneficiaries from previous marriages

Your heir’s potential creditors

Avoidable taxation on your estate

Timely evaluation and preparation for these issues now can save your family time, money, and heartache in the future.

How We Help with Estate Planning

Every estate is unique and requires individual consideration for effective planning. As part of this process, Corn & Corn, LLP gets to know you in order to match your personal priorities with a specific estate plan. The professionals at our Austin firm will work with you, providing recommendations based on your goals for your estate and adjusting our approach to accommodate the changing circumstances of your life.

We will help you to:

  • Clearly define your estate planning goals
  • Organize an estate planning team, should you need one
  • Decrease problems and expenses associated with probate
  • Reduce tax liability at time of death
  • Draft a working plan for the conservation and management of your estate
  • Arrange fair liquidation of your assets to cover necessary expenses
  • Provide an equitable transfer of assets to your heirs, based on your preferences
  • Amend your plan when necessary

Our Austin estate planning services also include certain living and financial documents that will help to properly allocate your wealth. With documents like living wills and trusts, we can help to ensure that your estate is properly allocated to heirs, creditors, charities, and other relevant parties of your choosing.

Have Questions? Contact Us

Our commitment to offering comprehensive professional assistance can help you avoid some of the complications associated with planning your estate. Contact Corn & Corn, LLP today to learn more about the estate planning services we provide to residents and business owners of Austin and the surrounding communities.

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